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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Savannah, marina

Isle of Hope Marina is a favorite. It's right off the ICW, it's near a little town that's bike-able, and has a courtesy car for longer rides. Among the places I like to frequent here are the Culver's and Original Pancake House. The only thing it doesn't have is recycling... but that is a southern thing it seems. Another nippy morning that started a great boat ride. No issues, no ill-behaved boaters. Russ commented on just how few times we've been waked since leaving North Carolina. 

In docking, we knew there would be a current. These guys are truly experienced in bringing boats in and out of their marina and know how to orient you for the current at the time. We let them know we were about to come in. There are no slips here, or rather, you can think of the place as having a few really long slips. Everyone ties onto the piers, as if docking on a t-head. To get to our spot I had to pilot inQuest between 2 already docked boats. Knowing this could be a thing, 2 guys came out to help with docking, each of them on those boats ready to fend if we needed it.

We didn't. It went perfectly. But it certainly was a comfort having the "just in case" plan.

In looking at the weather ahead, Hurricane Eta is going to cause some problems. Mostly, making it windy from the east. We have a number of inlets to cross, and the one direction you don't want the wind to come from for those open bodies of water is (say it with me) east. Oh, and we're wimps. Even though tomorrow is a decent travel day that puts us in a town or marina we're not as thrilled with as IoH. So we'll hang out here, maybe for a week. We'll see how weather unfolds. Besides we do have some chores to do, like clean the boat. The windows are a mess.

Oh, and we're back in the land of dolphins! Albeit shy ones -- tough to get on camera.

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