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Friday, October 16, 2020

The Pros are done

Sanding selfie
We left the boat for about 5 days or so while the pros stripped all the paint from the bottom of the boat. They did a great job, taking it down the the gelcoat on the fiberglass. Apparently, they used glass beads that are recycled to accomplish this these days.

But there was a small surprise once stripped. The surface is pocky in places. The folks here think the gelcoat wasn't properly done which made for the rough and pitted surface. But to properly deal with it means we need to fill those holes and pocks with an epoxy which will better seal the bottom. 

So we're doing that now, and the process will cost us a couple of days before we can start painting.

First we have to sand the surface, then apply the epoxy.
Slowly turning her into a pinto.

The epoxy starts out blue, then turns pink when ready to sand.

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  1. Wow that is going to be great when it's done but what a job!