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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Georgetown, marina

This one is somewhat dull, since nothing really happened. It was easy getting out of the marina in the morning, it was a nice enough day on the water (well, a little chilly), and an uneventful docking in Georgetown. The only things of note were 1) a bridge we had to wait for but only a minute or two and 2) being passed in the last 2 miles by a boat heading to the same marina we were, so we had to wait while they got docked first. I so hate it when that happens.

While not an awful day tomorrow for traveling we'll stay 2 nights here. The will allow us to provision a bit (we're low on some groceries) and get laundry done. It will also time our arrival into Charleston because that bay can be a thing. 

Note to self: Next time we're on the Waccamaw River we really need to plan to anchor there. Lots of great spots, and it just looks lovely.

Some spooky pics for Halloween:

Happy Halloween.
This gutted fish drifting in the harbor was the 
best decoration I've seen thus far!

No shortage of distressed boats but these are really trashed.

Us at night from the back. I love my tiki torches!

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