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Friday, October 23, 2020

A day off. But we're not done.

Friday we got a break. We finished the painting Thursday. The hull good and dry the yard is going to hang the boat today so we can finish it over the weekend. Even if we wanted to work today we couldn't. Hanging the boat means it's occupying one of the 2 haul-out machines. So it won't get raised until the end of day. Good thing too. Both of us are achy and exhausted.

From gray...

...to blue...

...to black. 7 frickin' coats of paint!

The Pepsi Store, honoring the New Bern
Meanwhile we got to explore New Bern a bit. Settled in 1710, the Swiss and German folks who came here were from Bern, Switzerland. "Bern" also means "bear", and city delights in them with bears strewn about the town in all sorts of patterns and colors.

But New Bern's biggest claim to fame is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola! Originally called "Brad's Drink" is was a concocted in a drugstore in town. So, there's that.

This bear is in front of a Walmart.

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