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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Campbell Creek, docked at the Lab Partners!

Beth and Rip Tyler are the crew of Lab Partners. They also have a home just off the Goose River, complete with dock. We'd been here before, when we were the loop last year. But as we came up north a few months ago we hustled by on our way to Baltimore. It was good to see them again.

The trip here was without incident, except for that one guy that blew by us in some fancy, overpowered boat without hailing us or offering a slow pass. It was the first time Russ got on the radio and yelled at someone about their wake. We heard a litany of other boaters ahead of us doing the same as he continued to motate ahead of us. Some people are just butterheads.

The upper deck was COVERED!

Last night was an absolutely glorious night. Before the moon came out the sky was stuffed with stars. Planets and the Milky Way were crystal in view. We had to enjoy it all, however, from within the boat. For whatever reason we were bombarded by some kind of flying bug, about the size of mosquitoes but these didn't bite. Just swarmed. Our boat was covered the next morning. Russ took a towel and waved it to scare them off. Which worked, but then a swarm of birds came by to feast on the swarm of bugs. 

Oh, the joys of boat life.

THIS! This is how I like my water!

I call this "Bird Breakfast"

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