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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

New Bern

Ah! Network!

Took a longer trip today to New Bern. We're not at the fun marina across the way, sadly, near a town with... stuff! We're at the Bridgeton Boatworks on the other side of the Neuse (pronounced "noose") River. Tomorrow they will haul the boat and check the bottom, then give us a quote for blasting off the old paint and putting on some new coats. We had inQuest painted about 9 months ago, but knew from that hauling we'd need to start over the next time.

Flat flat flat!
Gorgeous day on the water which means I have not real story to share. Water was flat to mostly-flat the entire trip. Only as we got to New Bern did the winds pick up a bit to about 5 or 6 mph. So, really nothing of note.

If we go through with the repaint we believe that process will take a couple of weeks to do. We are not allowed to live on the boat when it's on the hard. It's unclear what we'll do during that time, but I predict hotels are in our future.

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