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Friday, October 30, 2020

Myrtle Beach, marina

While we technically stayed at a marina the last 2 nights, they were full and didn't have a slip for us with power. So, it's was kinda like being on anchor with easy dog walking. But cold is coming, being sucked down by Hurricane Zeta that just passed over us, so having heat would be nice. It was supposed to be crazy windy today (and we wouldn't have traveled if that was the case) but the winds got below 15 mph and our next stop wasn't far away, so at noon we decided to go.

We traveled westward. Our track (dotted line) is
the higher route; Bob's is the lower one.
Where it's orange is now very red.
There was a bit of excitement on the route itself, where substantial shoaling occurred even since the last time we were there (in June). Lockwood Folly is known for this. In fact, due to the numerous hurricanes these year, a noted snowbirder named Bob Sherer (but we boaters know him as Bob423) recorded his track down the ICW this year, which we have been following. His boat drafts over 5 feet, so if he can take a path, we can follow. However, he took the marked route through Lockwood Folly noted some crazy shallow. Since then, he proposed an alternate route. Not only were we one of the first to do the alternate, we recorded our path and sent it to Bob423 so other boats may get through there without issue. Boating! It's a community!

Lots of nifty homes en route, but check out
the stairs to that widow's walk!
Well, kinda. Fellow boaters (Bella Gatto) posted on FB that they anchored in Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina, which would have been wonderful except for all the waking from other boaters. Russ posted that we have noticed that NC boaters are incredibly rude: never slow down, never call for a slow pass, and just blaze by. Of course some North Carolinian got upset and wrote his thoughts which included "we are locals and you are a guest" followed by (and I am NOT making this up) "your comfort is not our priority." Odd way to treat a guest but I'm thinking that's the state slogan -- North Carolina: Your comfort is not our priority!

Perfect boating day, albeit breezy
Arrived without issue, got fuel (which is the 3rd time at this marina, so I know the way!), then pulled into a slip for a chilly night. Once docked the harbor master told me I did a great job handling the boat, and that he wished all transients were so easy to dock. Love that!

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  1. Great compliment, put me & your dad knew that! But what about Those North Carolinians, that sounded a lot like a Biden/Trump issue, (the way they behave so nasty, it’s obvious they are the latter! ...trumpers!)