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Monday, October 19, 2020

Thank goodness we're painting!

Finally, doing the thing we wanted to do many days ago. And it's SO much prettier now!



Still a number of coats to go. We've decided the timing will be better with 4 barrier coats. We'll do a 2nd and 3rd tomorrow, then the last barrier coat and the first top coast on Wednesday (recall they have to be done with the barrier is still tacky).

She lays this way to convince me she needs a bigger bed.

But that does delay the schedule a bit, which now looks like this: 
  • Tuesday, barrier coats #2 and #3
  • Wednesday, barrier coat #4, top coat #1
  • Thursday, top coats #2 and #3
  • Friday, hang the boat.
See all those blocks the boat is sitting on? We can't paint those. They weren't even blasted. So once they hang the boat Friday they'll leave it like that over the weekend. And we'll have to do ALL THESE STEPS all over on those patches, starting with sanding off all the old paint. Should only take a couple of days, since they are small. I'm hoping, anyway.

Thus (as I suspected) we'll splash on Monday.

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