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Saturday, June 27, 2020


Short voyage today to get here. All part of the plan, since Russ has a dental appointment.

Where did we leave off...? Oh, yes. Diesel in the water tank.

We had a company come out the very next day. He pumped out the tank, emptying it of all the diesel. What's left, of course, it what's on the sides and top of the tank since we overfilled it. Which isn't much, but still, don't want to drink it.

Diesel is oil. It floats on top of water making it a little easier to clean. Emptying the tank using the pumpout also helped. But that meant parking in the marina's fuel/pumpout dock. For the next two days Russ filled the tank with water and various cleaners (everything from Dawn, de-oilers, bleach, and a couple of other products) and pumped out the tank with the pumpout. Moreover, he got a fair bit of practice pulling us into and out of the dock and back into the slip.

For the time being we're living with only 1 tank of water, about 75 gallons.

Still filled with bubbles we decided to travel northward to Norfolk, and let the travel slosh the cleaner around a bit.  
Lots of empty slips. Maybe it won't be so
crowded up here after all.
After we've done that a couple of times we'll test it. If we're unhappy with how well we've done, we'll continue to Baltimore, where a professional cleaning service will look at it. We're sure the diesel is gone, but now it's a matter of all the cleaning stuff. Don't want to drink that, either.

The biggest bummer about our trip today was a RR bridge which is noted to be "usually up." We were less than a mile from it when it announced it was closing. Of course. The old bridge takes 15 minutes just to close, then another 15 waiting for the train, and one more! quarter hour to open again.

Otherwise, short and sweet trip. We're back at Tidewater Marina, which we stayed at last year during Looper Rendezvous. And immediately went to the restaurant to have crab legs.

Hey! We haven't eaten out in days!
Russ filling and emptying the water tank.
This never happened on CnD because only the 
fuel tanks were in the back. The water fill was on the bow.
I've since marked the caps with a big W(ater) and D(iesel).

At Top Rack there's a restaurant, Amber Lantern.
It was closed while we were there. This sign is on the elevator.
It's interesting they don't allow clowns. Who's to say?
Can I point to someone I don't like and go, "CLOWN!"?

Crab legs and Tuna Quesadilla. Mmmmmmm....

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