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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Leaving Belhaven was an absolute pleasure compared to docking last night. We eased from the dock, pirouetted in the small space between the rocks and pier, and drifted down the channel. Textbook worthy!

I'd received a number of complements of our "boat handling" by those around when we came in (there were a number of boats already docked and watching). Even the dockmaster asked how long we'd been doing this. When Russ told him a year and a half, he said we seemed much more seasoned than that. In hind sight, however, seasoned boaters probably would have stopped and dropped anchor to ride out a storm as soon as the weather announcement came over the radio. 

But we learned the lesson -- no more boating past 2 pm. Soooooo...

Lovely water, all day long!
We had reserved a spot at Alligator Marina, which is the launching point for the Albemarle Sound. We would arrive there around 1 pm. If you recall, when we crossed the sound on the loop we had a pretty bad experience. The seas were choppy and 2 3 feet, with the occasional larger wave. It was a low point for me, personally. So I wasn't looking forward to this crossing.

This time we were headed for Coinjock. Last year we went to Elizabeth City, which got you onto the historic Dismal Swamp Canal, which by contrast to the crossing to get there was an absolute blast. Great time. But it's later in the year than last, and the channel can be choked with duck weed. A number of folks warned us not to try. We opted against it.

And just one hour after docking...
Throughout the day Russ kept checking the weather, which remained calm and clear. Moreover, conditions for crossing looked to be worse tomorrow. As we neared the sound we made the call -- just go for it.

We did. We crossed the sound and snaked our way along the North River to Coinjock, a small town with a long pier. That put an arrival time around 4:30. So much for lessons learned.

But as it turned out it was a great crossing, and we arrived in Coinjock without any problems. 

Oh. And the storm showed up one hour later.

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