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Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Ever have one of those days where everything went perfectly? We did. We left Coinjock without issue, we timed the various bridge openings perfectly. We arrived at the Great Bridge Bridge (yes, that's it's name and it opens on the hour only) about 30 minutes early. We parked on a wall nearby and had lunch. Things were going so well that Russ piloted off that wall, and into, and out of the small lock with me doing lines.

Oh, yeah. We're getting good at this.

We'd been to Top Rack Marina before so we knew the layout. We wanted to pump out and fuel up first. I eased inQuest into the slip without problems on this calm and sunny and warm day. Oh, yeah. We so good!

...and then it happened. 

Stopped here to wait for the bridge
and had some lunch.
Russ called me because he wanted me to pump the fuel, which was really difficult for some reason. He though that maybe the nozzle was a different size since it wasn't seating right and he couldn't set the auto-flow latch. Next thing we know diesel fuel started spewing from a vent. He shut off the pump while I ran inside and grabbed paper towels. When you spill it's like a race to keep diesel out of the water. Which, thankfully, we managed.

However, we just filled our water tank with diesel fuel.

Thankfully, we have 2 water tanks. I shut off our water pump immediately while Russ cleaned up the mess. Then he shut off the bad tank and switched to the good one. The marina wasn't equipped to deal with such things, but they gave us a number. We're waiting for a call back.

Most of the day was just stunning.
We aren't the first people to do this. In fact, to make us feel better, the dockhand told us stories of other such events that happened right here at this marina: One guy put water in his gas tank, and once an employee pumped gas right into the hull, thinking he was using the opening for the tank but was really a missing rail.

Yeah. We don't feel any better.

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