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Monday, June 15, 2020


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We stopped here last year. McClellanville is on a little creek off the ICW, and has a number of working marinas here for shrimp boats. It was a worn looking place with lots of early morning risers (the shrimp boats). I didn't have great memories (I recalled a half-submerged pier with several derelict boats also half-submerged attached to it), but I remember it was easy in and out.

Funny story. While on the loop we met another looper whose boat's name was Tiki Queen. The couple's name was Leland and Karen McClellan. Oh yeah. Apparently his ancestors founded McClellanville! I always wanted to discuss the condition of his small marina. But that's not a friendly thing to do.

So here we are a year later and, viola, the boats are gone. I mentioned that to the dock master. She said they did clean out those boats but 3 more derelict boats have managed to get on the pier. It's a never ending battle, she said.

Despite the weather the Charleston Bay was calm
The original plan was to get to Georgetown today. However, the weather was really blustery and rainy when we got up this morning. In fact, we weren't sure we were even going to leave Charleston. It poured buckets of rain during the night, and the forecast called for more of the same all day. But by 9 am the clouds broke a little, the rain stopped, and we could even see patches of blue. 

Problem 2 was the tide. The current at St. Johns Yacht Harbor is formidable until very near slack. Today that wasn't until 11:30 am.  Getting a later start of course meant getting in late to Georgetown. 

Lastly, Georgetown marina didn't have space for us today (our reservation is for Tuesday). We thought we'd anchor out near the marina tonight and get in early the next day.

We pushed off the dock around 10:30 am with John and Martha tossing us our lines one last time. As the day progressed we wouldn't get into G-town until 7 pm. Days are long, so there'd be plenty of light, but why push? We had a couple of hectic days behind us, so let's turn in a little early. Heck, they had space for us in McClellanville.

Glad we did stop. The place looks great. It's peaceful and quiet here. And I need a nap.

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