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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Steamboat Creek

We thought we'd be leaving Isle of Hope on Thursday, however, Wednesday I noticed the pug with eye issues was having another eye issue. One eye was larger than the other. I called a vet who they couldn't see her but they recommended an eye specialist in Savannah. After calling them, the only time they could look at the dog was Friday, 3:45 pm. ...sigh...

She received a couple of meds, one a steroid the other an antibiotic, as well as new drops. We're to watch how she does and report back in a week. They have affiliated eye vets up and down the eastern seaboard, so we can bring her in again, should things go badly.

But that made us free to travel on Saturday. First thing Russ did Saturday morning was take the car back to the rental office and bike home. I walked dogs, did the breakfast dishes, then filled up the water tanks so we were ready for the next few days. 

Amazing sunset due to rain Friday night.
We headed out around 8:30 am. 

With 2 shiny new belts on the port engine we put inQuest through some paces, from slow boating to sustained high RPMs. We knew it would be a long day, so when we could we put the spurs to her! Everything worked like it should.

Our friends from As You Wish cross their wake in Charleston. They plan on arriving around 10 am. In order to be there about then as well we pushed today into a really long day. That put us dropping anchor about 2 1/2 hours from Charleston.

We traveled by Paris Island today.
Now I have that song in my head.
"And we would aaaall go dooooown together!"
Along this route are a couple of notoriously thin cuts that need to be dredged yearly to be passable. Due to our timing, however, we entered both at high or just past high tide so we had no issues. Russ had me all worried about them, and while going through I kept yelling, "Cheesecake!" because they were nothing to fret over.

I just have to mention that our dogs are amazing. They took a walk at Isle of Hope, ate dinner around 5 pm, and didn't get a second walk until we dinghy-ed them over to Steamboat Landing, a little pier and boat ramp. They never complained and they weren't pacing in frustration. That to me is astounding.

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