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Thursday, June 18, 2020

No pics, just a sad story

Last night was a terrible night for Savannah, the sick dog. We decided the two dogs shouldn't sleep together so Savvy could get some rest. Lizzie was crated and Savannah was left in the living room. We woke in the morning to thumping and discovered that she'd fallen on the floor and couldn't get up. The struggle seemed to exhaust her. We put her on our bed for a while to recover. Later in the morning I moved her to the crate.

Also, the package we were waiting for hadn't arrived at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club. 

This morning Russ decided to rent a car from Enterprise -- we'd just stay here another night while waiting for deliver, and drive to the vet Friday morning. The reservation was a noon. Around 10 am, however, the car rental called to say they didn't have cars right now but they probably would by 4 pm. They didn't sound convincing. Russ called the head office trying to get a commitment -- without a car this all goes badly. Meanwhile he's trying to located the package, but UPS isn't answering their phones anymore.

We grab lunch around 12:30, and at that time we think, screw it, let's just go to Southport (where the vet is) and have the Harbor Hosts there give us a ride to the vet. While walking to the boat Russ called the marina... and there is no space for us. 

Back to getting a car, Russ calls Avis, which he didn't do originally because it was really far away. So far in fact that the Uber ride to get there was more expensive than the car rental. But they had cars. Russ reserved one and immediately left to go get it. Finally, things seemed clear. And, yay, the package arrived!

Periodically throughout the morning and afternoon I'd check on Savannah, offering her water or food. She didn't want anything.

With Russ off to pick up the car I was upstairs playing games. I got texts from him saying that no one was there when he arrived, as they were out to lunch and he was going to wait 30 minutes. Oh, yeah, that kind of day.

Around 3:30 I went downstairs to check on the dog. And sometime in the last hour she'd passed. I called Russ, sobbing, telling him I think she had died. He got home as quick as he could.

He called a funeral home that did pet services. They closed at 5 pm, and it was just after 4. And they were (according to Google) 45 minutes away. Because we needed another pressure thing to deal with on this day. We wrapped her in a towel and off we went, Russ speeding like a bandit to get there in time. They were friendly folks and kind, and handled her with respect. They will mail us her remains.

No longer needing a car we decide to return it. The Avis store is closed now, but the one at the small local airport remained open. We took it there and Uber-ed home. Me sobbing, on and off, all the way.

We have just the one dog now. And we're free to travel first thing in the morning. 

We've been juggling two dogs for so long, not sure boating is going to be quite the same.

What a face! Lizzie is behind her, always watching.


  1. I am so very sorry for your family's loss, Jax. Know that my thoughts are with you, Russ and Lizzie at this very sad time :(

  2. The details of your “sad sad” day are heartbreaking. It’s never easy for you guys. No words. Just know you two always do the best you can for your pets Big warm hugs, mom