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Friday, June 19, 2020

Masonboro Inlet

From the hoopla around us you can tell the weekend has begun! Here in the inlet where we decided to anchor for the night there are dozens of small boats full of families, clusters of teenagers, couples, and kids, all of them are fascinated by our boat, buzzing by us and waking us. We can't decide if they are just mean or ignorant. Russ thinks the latter.

Got an early start. Russ piloted us off the t-head given the lovely calm and sunny day. I handled ropes. All of it went well.

Hang a right and the Atlantic is right there!
The trip up the ICW was a little long but uneventful. A thunderstorm was off our port side, inching its way toward us. We could hear distant thunder on occasion. But no rain or wind, so it was rather pleasant. Getting started was the roughest part of the day since we were headed east and into the sun. The reflection on the water can be blinding. Mostly the trip was about boating. Lots and lots of boats were out and about, zipping up and down the channel.

Lizzie seems confused. Not sad, but (I'm sure) wondering why we left that other dog behind. We've been through this a number of times with dogs where their friend disappears and it typically takes a couple of weeks for them to recover. Lizzie and Savannah were pretty tight. This could be a tough time for her.
We are pretty close to a beach without a dinghy dock.
We decided to kayak the dog to shore.

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