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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Life on Isle of Hope

"New Normal Menu" -- love it!
Every now and again you have to stop for a while to reprovision, run errands, and fix stuff. That's us, here in Savannah. Technically, Sand Fly. But that's not as romantic as Savannah.

Russ has spent a bunch of time tracking down belts for the port engine. While every auto part store has them (AutoZone, Napa Auto Parts, O'Reilly, Advanced, Pep Boys) they all seem to have exactly one, and even though they are the exact same size we're looking for, they are not. Some are thicker, some are longer -- yes, longer! It's been as frustrating as confusing.

We have had a chance to eat out a couple of times. Restaurants are doing a number of interesting things amid the new world of "social distancing" and "clean surfaces." Driftwood, a seafood restaurant, have small tripods on their tables with a QR code on it. Once scanned, your phone will bring up their menu. TA-DA! The waitress said they love the new system. They don't have to handle and clean menus, nor throw out used paper ones, and the chef can change it on the fly. Brilliant! (Btw, they had some of the BEST fish tacos we've had in a looooong time!

High tide -- the top of the piling is at arm's height

Now, it is NOT. 

We also ordered some stuff from Amazon. Side note: there are a lot of things that Covid-19 changed that I'm happy to have stay changed, like the menu thing at Driftwood. Or tap pay (which many restaurants and stores have recently added). Nothing like a pandemic to instigate tech upgrades. But I miss Amazon, REAL Amazon. You remember. Just $3 more for next day delivery? Good times, good times. PS. Russ would just order the engine belts from Amazon if we could get them here in a timely manner.

Anyway, our stuff is taking a while to get here, so we'll continue to wait.
One of our favorite places to eat, 
The Original Pancake House. 
Thems 49er Flapjacks.

The pandemic has hit everything in an odd way. This marina, for example, has never had this many boats here this time of year. Most folks are usually up north by now. They're kind of packing us in. So, yet again, we're in a glut of "lots of boats" while we travel. Seems the norm for us.

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