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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Myrtle Beach

There was a constant theme throughout the loop last year, and it continues still: There's too much water. Today we traveled from Georgetown to Myrtle Beach on the Waccimaw River. It's swollen. Two days ago it was 3 feet over flood stage. Today, it's just at flood. Boaters who past this way just a few days ago posted pictures of water up onto the siding of homes. We didn't see that, but we saw flooded yards and small ponds where they surely shouldn't be any. We went very slowly through these areas, hoping not to add to their problems.

We also traversed "the rock pile" which is one of the narrowest places on the ICW. Named, of course, for the rock; The route was blasted for boats to pass through. While deep enough, it is very narrow, so much so that 2 medium sized boats (like ours) shouldn't pass each other. Unlike much of the intracoastal (which is grassy, sandy, or muddy), touching bottom here will really hurt.

First time we've seen a derelict boat
with the sail up.

Dog update: I finally was able to talk to the vet Savannah saw last Friday (they were closed on Tuesdays, which I found oh so convenient). After sharing what she was going through they recommended cutting all her meds in half. I also reached out the Robert Creech, who's the Harbor Host in Southport, North Carolina. He gave me vet recommendations. I was able to get an appointment for Friday. She isn't doing well. In addition to coughing she -- for the first time ever that we've had the dog -- snubbed her food. Several times throughout the day she fell down and couldn't get up. This isn't going in a good direction.

Anyone know what the heck this is??!!
To add to the "joys of boating" Russ has been waiting for same parts to be delivered, replacement engine monitoring systems. These are what sit on the engine and give us status up in the helm. We know they are wonky since they never give us accurate battery readings (the port is always low, around 10.2, while the starboard is crazy high, 16.1). Also, one never knows how much gas there is in the tank. 

Anyway, these parts were scheduled with UPS to be delivered in Georgetown when we were there. Of course they were not. The seller contacted UPS and had them shipped here. Which they are not. Russ is going to try to track them down tomorrow. Hopefully, they'll be delivered before noon, then we'll head out to Southport. If they don't, I'm not sure what we'll do. I really want to get underway to get the dog to the vet.

The Myrtle Beach Yacht Club. TONS of boats!
Thus are the vicissitudes of boating.

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