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Monday, April 3, 2023

Pine Island to Cocoa Beach, and the Endeavour Rendezvous within!

March travels
Got up and continued our trek north. Friday boaters were out en force. We got the snot waked out of us a number of times. We were only hailed once (which makes twice in 4 days) before a fast boat passed us. Truly dreadful odds!

When we arrived in Cocoa Beach there was a group of folks waiting for us. Friends of ours, Steve and Debbie Russell, have been Endeavour champions since they got their boat in 2018. They organized the shindig on the town dock, which was full of boats. So, we rafted along their 48.

There were 5 boats in total, but a number of couples that drove down to attend. Everyone enjoyed the marine flea market here in Cocoa, and the potluck dinner we shared that night. A few boats left Sunday morning after a breakfast gathering. That left us space to also get on the dock, which was the first time inQuest was tied to something since we left Longboat Key.

The Endeavour enthusiasts

We had a great visit!

Gypsies Palace and inQuest, in Cocoa Beach

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