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Friday, April 14, 2023

Dewey Creek to Georgetown to Calabash, anchor

The trip from Dewey to Georgetown wasn't particularly long. But we knew rain was coming, and we knew there was a grocery about a mile from the public docks, and we needed some supplies. We hope to get that done before the rain.

We left the anchorage early. Of course that meant we hit the skinny, shoaled areas at low tide. We're so happy we have a shallow draft boat!

In the past we always docked in Georgetown. John of As You Wish mentioned anchoring there. That area is also very, very shallow. But just past the marina was a large pool, right in front of the not-in-use steel mill. Apparently that was where tows turned around coming and going to the mill. It was large enough that all of us (As You Wish, No Rush, and inQuest) could anchor there with room to spare.

(L to R) Martha, me, Russ, Jamie, Trish, John
We did our shopping, then we all had some appetizers aboard No Rush. Even the Legacy crew, Mary and Jim, joined us. Then we headed into town and tried a local brewery, The Winyah Bay Brewing Company (which was inside the restaurant, Buzz's Roost). Everyone is headed north, so odds are we haven't seen the last of each other.

The next day was longer for us. Russ has packages shipped to a friens in Southport, Robert Creech. They sprinkled in over the last few days. And we don't want to take advantage of his time and generosity, so we hustled north today. We'll see the them tomorrow morning.

We'd anchored in Calabash Creek a couple of times. I didn't like it either time. The anchorage is small and right next to a channel that leads back to a tourist town. Tour boats and fishermen buzz by often and, since the area is small, close to us. I always worry they'll misjudge an hit us.

But if you turn right instead and head toward the Atlantic there's a larger anchorage hiding behind an island. Probably not great in a big blow but should be dandy tonight. 

Early out on Dewey Creek

Mary took this when we brought them to No Rush

NO RUSH! Some of the gang already on board.

Rainy night, and drizzly morning in G-town.

Once the clouds parted it was a gorgeous day.
The Waccamaw River has some of the prettiest views
on the ICW.

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