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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Bird Island -> Southport -> Wrightsville -> Mile Hammock

Been a whirlwind of travel the last two days. Looking ahead we see a potential weather window to cross the Neuse River on Wednesday and we want to make sure we hit it. Thus the motivation to keep moving.

Bird Island was a decent anchorage. Not exactly calm, since we bobbed a bit throughout the night, but nothing drastic either. We slept well since we had great holding.

Then we set out to go to Southport. We docked at a restaurant that offers free dockage (so long as you eat there), then took the small hike to see Robert. He's a former looper and has helped us in the past. Seems we inevitably need something on this section of water. This time it was more engine belts. Because, you never know when you're going to need them.

Nifty to see the moon and it's reflection while a t-storm
it in the distance.

After spending some time with Robert on his front porch (I so regret not taking a picture!), we grabbed lunch at Provision Creek, then fired up the engines and headed up Cape Fear. The wind was up by then but on our stern, so the ride was lovely.

The goal was Wrightsville. We discovered that if you anchor close to the bridge there's a handy dinghy dock nearby. From there we could Uber to Walmart or Costco. That was the plan. However, from Carolina Beach to Wrightsville there were hundreds of little boats zipping by, making the trip intense. They'd come close to us while passing each other, never slowing. Moreover, right as we get into our anchorage there was a small regatta we had to avoid.

This isn't the worst section. We hadn't realized the camera
stopped recording. But you get the idea.

Needless to say, by the time we dropped the anchor, around 4 pm, we were pooped and unmotivated to do any shopping.

Looks like a clue that we're not supposed
to be here.
Today was going to get windy, especially through the night, so we opted for a shorter day. A looper favorite was Mile Hammock Bay, made for the military. Some have been here when they do maneuvers with amphibious vessels. The first time we were here we took the dinghy to shore to walk the dogs, a no-no it turns out. We didn't get in trouble, but knew we weren't supposed to be there when we saw signs for Tank Crossing.

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