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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Fenwick to Dewey Creek, anchorage

Not much to report today (which is how I like it!). The only trial was we hit Watts cut at precisely low tide, and it's very thin. The shallowest we saw was 2 feet beneath the keel. Mostly 4 and 5 feet. We had no issues, but saw visual evidence that others had! 

We crossed Charleston Bay today. It was the easiest time we've done it -- not a lot of boats, not a lot of wind, no choppy water. All and all the day went smoothly.

Legacy, sporting her gold looper burgee
While underway we got in touch with other boaters in the area that looped the same year we did. Tonight we're getting together with Mary and Jim of Legacy (they looped on the vessel Pegasus). Tomorrow we're hoping to hook up with Martha and John (As You Wish) and Trish and Jamie (No Rush, formerly the crew of About Time).

The class of 2019 travels again!

Russ points out where we saw some boat leave tracks

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