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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Dismal Swamp the Norfolk, slip (!)

Waiting for the lock... oh bother!
This wasn't a long day but it was pretty busy. Up around 5:30 (getting light already at that time!) we had some coffee then headed to the north lock, Deep Creek Lock. We arrived about an hour early, all part of our cunning plan to get some waffles! Before the bridge there's a small dock, and just beyond it is a grocery store, a Hardee's, and a Waffle House. Guess which we got. Once docked Russ ran over and got 2 pecan waffles to go.

Wee hours on the Dismal
The lock master here was very enthusiastic; answered our hails (from a hand held he used while driving to work) and gave us instructions -- follow the sailboat in, port side tie, wear PFDs, and engines off please. We like this guy, having been locked with him before. He enjoys his work.

Once down 8 feet and officially off the Dismal we made our way to Top Rack. They have the best fuel prices. We filled up and pumped out then headed to Tidewater, an actual marina. And there... we plugged the boat in.

Norfolk! Well, the industrial section.
I want to point out that we haven't plugged the boat in since we left Longboat Key, almost a month ago. Since then we'd been on mooring balls for 3 nights, and on a free dock for 2 nights, but otherwise we'd been at anchor. I also want to mention that, during that time, we ran the generator 3 times. Otherwise the boat's been powering itself. That's been awesome! This has been a great trip so far.

This was the first time ever we didn't have to wait
for that stupid railroad bridge!

Russ got us the slip for a month. We doubt we'll stay that long, but we definitely needed a couple of weeks. We will rent a car and head back to Florida to celebrate my dad's birthday, then spend a few days at Disneyworld. 

Then we'll be back at it.

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