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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Cedar Creek to Tuckahoe Point, anchor

Early morning out... 6:19 am!
Long long day! We made the push given the water was nice and tomorrow still looks like a great day to cross the Albemarle. 

Lots of bigger bodies of water needed to be crossed today. The first was the Neuse River. We've luckily never had an issue on the Neuse, but we've heard stories. We made a point of doing it early in the morning, when the winds are low. Today was no exception.

Gorgeous day, too. Calm on the channel,
20 miles between Pungo and Alligator.
Then we turn up Bay River, which can be bouncy but it usually not a problem. The next hurdle was crossing Pamlico River then going up the Pungo River. By the time we got there winds had kicked up and made the voyage a little beamy. 

This is us.
Once the river narrows into the Pungo and Alligator River channel winds no longer mattered. Which was good since they were over 25 mph.

Not many boats out and about, so travel went smoothly. 

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