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Saturday, April 8, 2023

South Creek to New River, anchor

If you didn't see my FB post we had a small water issue last night. We're thankful we found it then. Our trip today was lumpy in places (positively bangin'!) and we never would have heard it break over the roar of the engines. We'd be seriously unhappy now.

We didn't get a great night's sleep last night. The winds were up and stayed up. Turns out the storm that wasn't supposed to arrive until Sunday came a day early. We were banking on calm winds to do the next 3 inlets. But that wasn't meant to be.

All our weather apps alerted us to gale warnings for Sunday, which was no surprise. However, they showed Savannah, Georgia as being the northern boundary. Now we had a goal -- try to get beyond Savannah. Thus the seriously long day.

Last night's anchor track
The first inlet we had to traverse was Sapelo Sound. The winds were coming from the North East, and so was the sound. As we made our way the waters got worse, taking it on the bow (which we hate), until we were in near 4 feet seas. At that point we had to turn northward, so now those seas were on our beam (which we hate more). That part only lasted 5 minutes or so, but was not comfortable. Once behind the island, everything calmed.

Nothing redeeming about the day.
Cold, dreary, windy as heck!
Armed with that experience I worried about the second and third inlet, St. Catherine's and Wassaw. We had backup anchorages planned if things got ugly. But they were vastly better than the first -- the sounds ran more southerly so we had decent protection from the islands around.

Few boats were out and about, largely due to the small craft advisories. On the ICW it wasn't that bad. The temps dropped drastically, however. When we woke it was around 66 degrees. Turned out that was the high for the day. By the time we anchored we were in the low 50s.

Turns out that gale warning was up here, too. Savannah wasn't a boundary, just local information. So we had a crazy long day for no particular benefit.

At least we made it to South Carolina.

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