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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Hangin' in Norfolk

Sunrise in Norfolk
It's not uncommon to run into (not literally!) fellow boaters you've looped with or met in your travels. But for whatever reason this has been a big "Class of 2019" looper year. A number of boaters that looped that year are headed in the same direction at the same time. 

Dinner at the Bier Garten
Sonya, Trish, Greg, Jamie, me and Russ
We needed a place to dock inQuest for a few weeks so we can travel to Florida for a bit. Norfolk worked perfectly for that. While walking the dock I noticed Golden Daze (Sonya and Greg) hanging out on their back patio. The next day No Rush (who we anchored with in Georgetown) joined us. We gotten together for a number of meals, and even went to a museum.

We took a lovely walk through Ghent.
a suburb of Norfolk
They'll started heading north today. I'm sure we'll catch up with them by the end of May.
The USS Wisconsin, at the museum

Russ looks small standing between the battleship's
anchor chains.

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