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Friday, April 7, 2023

Fernandina Beach to South Creek, anchor

Big, big, winds are coming this weekend, starting Saturday night. Wherever we are at that time, we might have to stay there for a couple of days. We're shooting for near Savannah.

The wind has been very calm in the mornings and getting worse in the afternoons (which is not unheard of). And that's why we like to get up and go! Which we did. We were across St. Andrews Sound -- one of the toughies -- long before any issues. We even got to wave at the American Independence cruise ship as we went by.

Zero problems today. The new Calex is working wonderfully, the sole Orion is about to get 2 brothers to help out this afternoon.

Two thumbs up for boating today!

Ah, Georgia. Where you can see all the boats
ahead and behind you!

You've heard of "Jack in the box?"
I give you "Russ in the cabinet."

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