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Monday, April 17, 2023

Mile Hammock to Cedar Creek, anchorage

Given how early we left this morning we were NOT the first boat out of the anchorage. Mile Hammock is a popular spot for several reasons; pretty protected, large enough for a number of boats, and nice muddy holding. A sailboat beat us out, leaving about 20 minutes before us.

The trip went well. Breezy today, but that didn't impact us. We were in our favorite anchorage before it came up in force. We can see the Neuse from here, and, more importantly, listen to chatter from boats already on it. If all goes according to plan, we'll be out early tomorrow to cross the Neuse before the winds kick up again.

Once you leave Mile Hammock you go through a section
of land used for military games. Yes. That is a blown-up tank.

Tough to catch this with a camera but if you look at the screen, 
you see our track. And there's "land" to the right of us.
Looking out the window, however...

Click to enlarge, then look at top right box.
The info on the right tells us about the bridge coming.
Like that Onslow Beach Bridge we deal
with after leaving MHB which only
 opens on the hour and half hour.
It should be breezy tomorrow too but from a direction that makes doing the Neuse fine; we expect to have it on our stern, mostly. That leaves Wednesday (looking awesome wind-wise) good to cross the Albemarle. Then it's smooth going right into Norfolk.

For Boaters: Something new we've been doing with Aquamaps is "navigate" by Bob423's routes. This gives us details about stuff coming up, specifically bridges. We know how far away it is, what kind of bridge it is, and when we'll get to it, all at a glance. Very handy.

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