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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

NOLA news

NOLA sunrise
Our time here was always going to be at least 2 weeks to a month. Probably closer to a month. There was a big holdup on the Coffeeville lock for repairs last week, backing up commercial tows for days (and if you are a PC then you know that means you ain't locking through anytime soon). Spring may yet bring more rain, and with it floods, so we aren't in a big hurry to get up into all that.

After David and Hannah of the 48 Endeavour, Highwinds, did a number of electrical and network upgrades that gave Russ both the guidance and confidence to do something similar. Since doing electric stuff largely means a mess in the guest stateroom (which tends to expand into the master stateroom as well), it's best he's doing it while we aren't living on the boat.

Currently the master state room.
The bed is in there, somewhere...

Other projects include a new radio. I hear you say, "But, Jax, didn't you just put in a new radio?" Why, yes, aren't you astute! When we first installed it, it complained (with panic beeps every 10 minutes) that it didn't know our MMSI (Maritime Moblie Service Identity) number. In the event of an emergency so dire you can only hit the red "SOS" button on the radio, this number broadcasts you identity without you having to talk. That is an excellent thing, and we have such a number. So we put it in. THEN the radio complained (with a panicked beep that went off every 10 minutes) that it didn't have a GPS location. At that point Russ realized we needed to tie it into our NMEA network, which looked like a bigger task than just buying a new radio with built-in GPS. Note: going with cheaper isn't always better.

There they are... the house batteries.
Don't tell our guests, they are under the bed.
Another task is yet another computer. On Cat-n-Dogs we had a headless, real life computer, that sat on the desk inside the boat, and connected to a wireless monitor, mouse, and keyboard on the fly deck. The monitor was on a hinged holder the came down from the ceiling. When not in use or needed, we just pushed it up and out of the way. A year and half later we realize we miss that functionality. So we're installing a similar thing on inQuest.

We were in NOLA about 2 months ago (we drove here) and had to get our HVAC units fixed. At the time it was cold and we didn't have heat. When we first arrived on this trip everything seemed to be working, but over this past weekend, 2 of the 4 units failed. Again. The repair guys were out today. One of the units is repaired (allegedly) but the other has no coolant due to a leak. So, some detective work is underway, but that means no AC. On the 4th floor (of course, the warmest). And a warming trend is coming.

Anyone interested in a desk? This one is a sit or
stand desk, and is powered to raise with a 
push of a button!
I'm also in the process of trying to sell or consign a chunk of furniture that came from San Francisco. Between emails with stores and various social media for marketing, the result isn't as fast as I'd hoped. Our 2nd floor is still stuffed with furniture.

Needless to say, we are not bored.

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