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Monday, April 19, 2021

Bay St. Louis, MS, marina

Since we knew this would be a short day we had a leisurely morning filled with some exercise and laundry doings. We powered the engines up and I monitored our boats position while Russ handled the lines, much like we always do. Just as he was about to untie the very last line, the port engine sputtered and died. He secured us back onto the dock then started a quick scan of what could be wrong. Line on the prop? No. Closed seacock? No. Battery? He checked the voltage which looked fine, but when you tried to restart the engine, boy, it sure sounded like a bad battery.

Dawn in Biloxi
With a flip of a switch we can power both engines from either battery if need be. He did, I started her up again, and the engines came back online. 

What's particularly weird is that the engine had been running for a few minutes before it died. So Russ can't understand what caused it. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow.

Anyway, barring engine weirdness, the days trip was short and uneventful. We traveled along the shoreline, out of the ICW channel, dodging crap pots as we went, but all in all it was a lovely day: sunny, calm waters, and a nice breeze.

Waiting for that bridge.
The only hold up was the railroad bridge that is under repair. They don't respond to radio hails but there's a number to call. Call 'em a little early because they need to move a crane and platform out of the way before opening the swing bridge. And it is the world's slowest swing bridge, too.

Bay St. Louis is a darling little town. The docks here look brand-new, I'm guessing repaired from various hurricane damage. Lots of restaurants and shop, all within walking distance to the marina. I bought some ice cream from the Creole Creamery, which was next to the PJs, just a few doors down from Fleurty Girl -- ALL of those places are in New Orleans. It was like being in a little French Quarter.

These little houses are all shops. The PJs is closest,
and next to it is the Creole Creamery.


  1. Looks like y'all are having fun exploring some new boating territory. Following along on the blog sure isn't as fun as following along in your wake. Miss ya!!

    1. You guys have no idea how much we miss you, too. Hurry up and get a boat!