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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Steinhatchee, Sea Hag Marina

Last day heading north. Tomorrow, west!
First time we've been plugged in in 10 days! I argued, given the mild weather, we didn't need to (no heat nor AC needed right now) but Russ wanted to top off the batteries, which haven't seen 100 since we left Tarpon Springs.

When we left Cedar Key there was just a little wind, and the seas were around a foot. It was on our beam for the first bit as we headed clear of shallow water. Once we turned the ride smoothed substantially. As the day went on, the water got calmer and calmer, dwindling down to maybe 3 inch waves. If you can even call them waves at that point.

Mostly the ride was about diligence and paying attention. Even though we were in deeper waters we were in Florida, which means crab pots everywhere. There were sections of the trip that was more of a slalom ski course than a boat ride.

Sunrise in Cedar Key
After making the turn at Marker 1 into the Steinhatchee channel, Russ contacted the Sea Hag to get further docking instructions. They told us we would be docking on the middle T-head. As we approached, however, someone was in our spot. They were piling into the boat to get ready to depart but didn't see the big boat looming until Russ called out to them. Otherwise, docking went without a hitch.

The waters here are very tea-like; a clear brown. It reminds of the of tannin waters of the Pungo River and it's tributaries. We're in a more piney area, so it makes sense the waters would be brown.

We have 2 depth gauges, one for each hull.
In this pic, one reads 5.2, to other 5.7.
That's feet below the keel. Yes, it looks like water is everywhere, BUT IT'S NOT!

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