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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Yep, still here

We had about a week of amazing weather to get across the gulf to Apalachicola. Now we're getting weeks of thunderstorms, rain, and wind. As a result we don't feel comfortable about getting from here to New Orleans -- the Mississippi Sound is really the gulf. Yes, there are barrier islands but they are small. Moreover they are 8 miles off shore. The way things keep shaping up we might get a good day in followed by days of no-go days... it could take us weeks to get to NOLA.

During lovely weather this would be a great trip. Just not panning out.

Honestly, we really thought we'd be there by now. Packages were ordered and have been delivered. A kind neighbor has been collecting them for us. We hate to keep imposing on her.

Us in 48. We didn't leave then, when the 
weather was nice, since we waited for my
second Covid shot. The rain started that day.
We pleaded with the marina, who really wanted us out of slip 48. We moved to a new slip, and have plans to stay for a month. Monday Russ will pick up a rental car and we'll drive to New Orleans.

The Wharf is just jammed with boats right now. Last summer brought a bunch of hurricanes that wiped most other marinas out. Anyone with a sportfishing boat needed a new home. This was it.

By the way, we had to get out of slip 48 by Friday. Still no one there. Seemed kinda obvious to us -- we didn't want to travel because of weather. Good odds neither do they.

Misty morning at The Wharf

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