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Friday, May 21, 2021

Nola update, #2

Normally around 1/5 feet with the tide
the depth is over 3 feet. Which is A LOT
here in New Orleans.
Ha. Mother Nature always as the last say. We planned on loading up the boat today, returning the car tomorrow, and heading out Sunday. It's been windy, so we had to wait. However, it's been windy in the absolutely wrongest (I'm making that a word!) direction: the southeast. Basically, it's blowing all the water from the gulf into Lake Pontchartrain. And, well, flooding the place. We can't get the car to the parking lot without driving through a foot of water.

We'll try later today as the winds should die down, but odds are we'll have to move everything up by a day.

We're winding down here after weeks of getting a lot accomplished. Sadly, there is more to do. But I'm focusing on what's gotten done.

The road to the marina. 
Of the things we thought might be a problem with weather
getting to the boat was not one of them.

This is the road to the lighthouse, where Landry's
 and The Blue Crab are. Closed.

While Russ is working on the boat and has gotten quite a bit done.

  • new electric system is in place and seems to be running
  • installed new wifi antennae
  • put in new AC pump since it died while he was working on the boat 
  • installed a new oil pressure sensor; the last one always read too high giving off needless alarms

Fancy new Wifi antennae. oooOOOOooo

Oil pressure correctly reads 48. Not 68, like it used to.

inQuest docked in NOLA. Municipal Yacht Harbor is really nice!

As for me, I too have gotten a fair bit done. I got a bunch of furniture donated to The Bridge House, our favorite local charity. I also got 4 dresser/cabinets to a furniture consignment (these pieces are antiques so I'm hoping for decent results). I also contacted a local rug store for consigning several rugs we have and no longer need. Fingers crossed there, since there aren't many rug options for resale.

Keeping customers at the Creole Creamery
6 ft apart. NOLA style!
Things that remain a bother include the condos HVAC, which cannot get fixed for some reason. First it appeared to be a leak in the coils, so those got replaced. But that didn't fix it. So we're waiting for a compressor. People, DO NOT buy Rheem HVACs. Learn from our mistake. We have 4 of these units, one for each floor here, and at one time or another one or more have been broken. Since day 1! They were supposed to fix the unit today, but rescheduled due for the wind. It will get done while we are not here.

The building we live in was built in 1880. While gorgeous, it's not uncommon for older places (especially in New Orleans) to have termites. We are no exception. The entire condo complex got tented and fumigated this past year. And yet. We still have issues. After various rounds of inspections, they will re-tent our wing and tower in August. Smack in the middle of hurricane season. What could possibly go wrong?

For now we've done one last round of provisioning, getting ready to make the 3 day journey back to Mobile. Once there and on the rivers, weather shouldn't play as much a frustration as on the gulf. Of course, you just never know.

Still amazing sunrises.

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