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Monday, May 24, 2021

Nola to, well, Nola

After all Russ had done and the water finally receding we came back to the boat yesterday and organized a bit for departure today.

Engines checked we turned on the engines... and the starboard one would not go. In the time we've been here the battery had died. Handy for us, our boat has an easy, internal jump system, which we did to get it up and running. 

When Russ said "the boat needs to be cleaned"
I thought from mud and dirt. NOT. THIS.
We took our time, making sure the engines ran fine, then undocked and went on our way. While Russ was still on the deck brining up fenders and putting the lines away I noticed the temp on the port engine. It read 208 degrees (normal is around 165, so this was hot). I mentioned it. We killed the engine, proceeding on the starboard one only while Russ took temps and check seacocks. Nope all good. The temp is 165, but the sensor it reading it wrong.

In an effort to "reset" Russ unplugged the sensor and plugged it back in. Nope. Didn't fix it. When he came up to the helm to see the gauges, the entire port side gauge died. Not only was the temp wrong but the RPMs read 0. It was clearly working, but seeing an engines RPMs is pretty key. At that point we turned around and headed back.

We docked without issues. Russ started looking at various cables and connections. He even made a tech support call because it doesn't make sense.

So. Nola it is.

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