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Monday, March 23, 2020


This may be the last voyage for a while. Trying not to dwell on that.

Last night the six of us walked to Sarbez!, which is a grilled cheese and craft beer place. They were doing takeout, including the beer so long as you purchased a growler. Conveniently, we had one. We all took our sandwiches and went back to the boats, then with ample "social distancing" we enjoyed one last docktails, setting up a table and chairs on the docks.

We cast off early today, around 7:15, just light enough to see where we were going. Navionics told us the trip would be around 8 hours. We managed much faster, however, due to the current being with us most of the day. With that push we traveled closer to 9.5 knots all day long. With an eye on the ETA we should get in around 1:15. Woo hoo! 

But there was one hitch... a railroad bridge that is described as "usually up." As we approached it sirens went off and we stopped while watching it close. We had to wait for not one pokey train to cross, but two. Cost us 45 minutes. Such is boater life.

Good weather, good water. We got past by 5 rocketing tug boats (going over 10 knots) which created a little excitement and wake. Otherwise, the trip was uneventful.

Missed it by 5 minutes. Cost of 45... sigh...
So, we're in our new home, Ortega Landing near Jacksonville. We have a month long reservation. If we only wanted a day, or even a week, we would have been turned away. No transients allowed.

Being inland also means warmer temps. Looking ahead I'm seeing mid-90s within the week. Maybe we'll get a good thunderstorm or two as well. I'm hopin'. I'll need something to break up the monotony.

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