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Monday, March 2, 2020


Go north!
Writing this a day late since, due to lack of enthusiasm, I didn't take any photos. If something interesting had happened or been seen, I would have. But the day was pretty dull; we left the little park by the St. Lucie Lock, went through the lock (had a nice chat with the lockmaster, but that doesn't pic well), then made our way to Stuart.

I have a friend joining us on Monday so once we got in (pumped out first) we had chores to do. Laundry for me, boat cleaning for Russ. inQuest needed that, to be sure. Been a while since she'd seen a hose!

We're docked at a marina we'd never been to before, Harborage Yacht Club, and it's kinda weird. It has condos and it's filled with vacationers and folks hiding from the cold up north, which is fine. It also has a little restaurant called the Tide House (a little joke for those to drink beer). All of which is separated from "the rest of town" by a rail road. So going anywhere else is a major hike to get where you can cross the tracks, then another major hike to where you want to go. You're kinda a hostage here. On Sunday there was a "Tiki Taxi" that was taking folks across the bay to the downtown side of Stuart. It ain't running today, however. And we'll leave first thing in the morning tomorrow.

To add to the making things more difficult, the wind came up today. Steady around 17 mph. Makes for a bouncy boat.

I'm hoping my friend will be able to deal.

View of the marina from the Tide House.
This morning, TOTALLY calm.
Now, 1 footers, choppy, windy. Boat life, man...

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