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Monday, March 16, 2020

Rockhouse Creek

While we're making an attempt to visit mostly places we hadn't been to before, this was our second time here. The anchorage is large and quiet, and it was really nice to have a very short day. Our total travel time was about 90 minutes.

We anchored around 10 am amidst pods of dolphins and (I'm told) the occasional manatee. Everyone sees them but us it seems. Apparently we'd only notice them if they boarded our boat and slapped us.

We were joined by 2 of our buddies, As You Wish and About Time. About Time is in the home stretch. They will be gold when they get to St. Augustine, which we plan on doing this coming weekend to help them celebrate.

The travel was very slow due to manatee zones the entire way. But lovely from the great weather. The only issue we had came later in the day, which (because of the nice weather) meant VERY crowded beaches. I heard some folks say they were here because they couldn't be anywhere else do to the virus. It's starting to be a thing for boaters.
Another sleepy sunrise

Boats As You Wish and About Time.
That's Russ on the right in the kayak,
chatting with the neighbors.
I almost forgot. We had our friend over for docktails last night. Around 6:30 pm we noticed a sailboat entering the anchorage. He cruised between As You Wish and About Time at what I thought was an unnecessarily fast clip, then stopped. Like STOPPED. We all watched as it became obvious he'd run aground. He twisted back and forth trying to free himself, but nothing worked. The menfolk jumped in their dinghys and went to offer aid. They tried pulling him out, pushing him out, but nothing worked.

Everyone knew when the tide came off he'd float away. But that wouldn't be until 10 or 11 at night. He was stuck right next to As You Wish (who were the first in the anchorage, too). There was a great chance that he wouldn't be diligent about fixing his situation and would drift right into them during the night (and it was easy to think that was true since every map and depth source we had said there was no water where he ended up, leaving us with an uneasy feeling).

Sadly Martha and John moved over and re-anchored. But around 1 am we got up and checked out the window -- and he was within 50 feet of us

I will not mention his name, but I will avoid this guy in the future.

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