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Saturday, March 21, 2020

St. Augustine

Nebo let me down again so Russ
made me this graphic.
Bitter sweet being here. I really wanted to come back to St. Augustine since I didn't get to enjoy it much last year. At that time (firstly) we had a small accident with Cat-n-Dogs, scratching another boat. Nothing major and no injuries, but it put me in a foul mood. Secondly, Savannah, the eldest dog, had some kind of eye injury that wasn't getting better which resulted in multiple trips to the vet. We did get to enjoy Columbia, a wonderful restaurant here, but little else.

This time around was supposed to be different! I wanted to ride the red trolley, climb around the fort, eat some interesting food. Alas, CV. Everything is shut down. 

Sunrise on the Atlantic
Before heading out we joined Jamie and Trish on an early morning walk to the beach to watch the sun rise. All of us armed with coffee, we hike by the Marinaland park to get a view of the ocean. The morning was peaceful and settling, almost enough to forget what is going on in the world.

The ride here was mostly uneventful, right up until we tried to dock. We happened to arrive during a decent tidal current. In and of itself that would have been fine, but every time we approached our slip we got spun one way, then the next time, another. I tried 3 times without success. Finally Russ suggested we just take the empty T-head, which was trivial even with these conditions.

About Time goes gold. Just in time, too.
Look at that raggy white flag!
About 45 minutes after we parked About Time came in. As You Wish was already here, so the four of us helped with lines and get them docked without any issue from the current. Then we all had some champagne and "tiny beers" to help them celebrate: About Time was now a gold looper.

This is what Navionics shows us. Stray from the blue, bad things happen.

THIS is what we see! Looks like water is everywhere, right?!

Lonely are the looper boats at Marker 8.
The place is nearly empty!

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