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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Palm Coast (Things are getting weird)

We've been aware of all the restrictions being put into place over the last week due to the corona virus. But now things are getting weird. When we called Marineland on Monday they wanted to know where we're been. When About Time called them on Tuesday, they were asked in anyone had a fever, amid a bunch of other questions. Then we woke this morning to the news that some marinas were closing, period.

Trish and Jamie (About Time) joined us this morning on an empty patio to watch the launch at 8:16 am. We all had the same idea -- time to give up for a while. They only need to get to St. Augustine and they'll be home. We think we'll travel to Jacksonville, get a month long reservation, then button up the boat and head to Longboat Key for a couple of weeks, or a month. We'll live on Cat-n-Dogs while there. Then reassess what's to do.

Played putt-putt with the Mackeys -- no judging!
We all stayed at least 3 feet from each other!
In the mean time, we had a lovely ride up the coast. Sunny and warm with a cool breeze. Not a lot of boaters out so no crazy waking stories. Saw a couple of dolphins here and there. The only excitement was making the left into the marina, which was a little battle over current. But we docked in almost the exact spot we had last year.

Some restaurants are still open, although they can only have half of their tables served. All bars and night clubs (including breweries) are closed. I even called a nail salon to see if I could get an appointment -- their phone message said they were on a temporary closure for 2 weeks.

After we went out to eat. We're holding disposable menus
the restaurant printed in lieu of their plastic ones.
See? We can get through this, people!
Yep, things are getting weird.

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