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Monday, March 16, 2020


We woke this morning to an interesting surprise. Our new electric system, which was supposed to have over 1000 hours of capacity, was low. When Russ tried to make coffee he noticed the cabin lights dim. Not a good sign. He tried to connect to an app that monitors the batteries which failed. So he opened up the battery compartment, which he'd done before, ... and discovered ONLY THEN that they were the wrong batteries! We only have 400 hours of capacity, not 1000. On the one hand that explains a great deal, on the other, we're not sure how no one noticed this until just now. Emails have been sent. I'll update as I get the info.

Needless to say, the first thing we had to do was turn on the generator. We made coffee, dinghy-ed the dogs in a drizzle (sigh), then hung out a while until the rain passed. Batteries got charged so everything is good, but we're not happy boaters at the moment.
Downtown Historic Daytona Beach

Today was to be another short day (another 90 minutes) so we weren't in a hurry to leave. Russ took that time to firm up a couple of marinas for the week. Our big surprise came when we called Marineland Marina, just south of St. Augustine. I could hear a little of the conversation over the phone -- the dock master said things were getting serious here so he needed to know if we'd been to Miami. We hadn't. So we're getting to stay. Yeow! This could be huge for us going forward. Russ and I talked about making a month reservation somewhere and just "hunkering down" for a while in hopes this all smooths over. Better to have a place to stay than not being able to stay anywhere. Again, updates as I get info.

Easy out, easy day, and easy dock. We're on a t-head, and the marina is inset a bit, so with the exception of a gentle breezed that helped push us onto the dock there was nothing of issue.

Despite only 90 minutes of travel, there were a BUNCH of
abandoned and derelict boats. A BUNCH!

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