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Friday, March 20, 2020


Let me tell you about Palm Coast, not that you can go there now, what with the Trump Virus going around (I'm gonna start calling it that just out of spite; apologies to China). We'd been there before and spent most of our time walking. But it turns out, this is not a walking town. This is a biking town. We wonder how they managed to get the funding for the place but there are miles of biking (and hiking) trails; paved, packed sand, and raised boardwalks through the wilderness. The result is a wonderful ride, full of shade and wildlife. Add in the pleasant breeze, mid-70s temps, and no mosquitoes and you got yourself a prime experience.

But even as we practiced our "social distancing" more and more things closed around us. We took a ride this morning with Jamie and Trish (About Time) to the Cracker Barrel, which was open. The waitress seemed distressed, wondering if she would be able to keep her job, and frustrated since, rather than lay off half the staff and keep the other half, they put everyone on part time. I didn't voice my cynical thought, which was "that was cheaper for them." Doesn't matter now. As of this afternoon all restaurants are being forced to close.
Biking on the boardwalk

Today's travel was less than an hour, and that was at around 6 knots. The attendant here is clearly freaked about the situation. He doesn't want to get close to you, or take a credit card, and even discourages you from using the public bathrooms here, although I suspect the latter is so he won't have to clean them. I'm happy we're only staying one night. Which is a shame since the weather and the location are just wonderful.

Marineland used to be a destination back in the day. It boasts to be the world first oceanarium. It used to have hotels and RV parks for the tourists it entertained. It's still there (although closed from the virus). But it's appeal and grandeur are long gone.


Cracker Barrel. Note the table arrangement and lack of customers.

Great morning ride... might be the last for a while.

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