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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Just an update

We're still in Ortega Landing doing what everyone else is doing. Chores. Cooking. Exercising. You know, whatever other than socializing.

But I still take some photos and thought I'd share. 

Had to take a walk. The park is closed. JAX is in the distance

Awesome sunrises.

Spanish mossed oak trees on the island nearby
My tiki torches. Solar, and LED. About $25 on Amazon.
It's amazing how real they look.

She just doesn't get it. Sure, you're thinking she's hiding in the
shade. Nope. It's lovely out. She just doesn't get it.
Make a masala for dinner today. Came out pretty good!
Thank you, Brie.

This is the amazing club house at Ortega Landing.
We're not allowed to use it other than to pick up our packages
(seen on a table on the right).

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