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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Update. Again. (lots of pics too)

I love Lizzie's arm on Russ's hip.
We've extended our stay for another month, although we're still waffling about what to do. We've gotten some good news from boaters who continue to travel north (they, too, and headed for the Chesapeake). The word is that boats can find fuel and day stops easily if you need to resupply. Additionally, few boats out, making the waterways a joy to use. But they rarely stay in marinas (anchoring out mostly) so they aren't sure how welcomed transient boats will be.

But at least we have options. For us it's a matter of why we travel, which we discovered is largely around discovering breweries and eating good food (lol!). It won't be quite the same to go from town to town if all you can do is sit on your boat and watch the world go by. We're doing that here just fine.

Not photoshopped!
I'm sure I've mentioned before that people have asked why we didn't keep the boat name Cat-n-Dogs. We thought about it for sure. But both our pets are older now and "aging out" is just a matter of time. Then we'd only have one dog, and people would ask "why is it plural" and I'd have to explain, and then I'd burst into tears. Saving all the drama, we changed the name. 

To that end, Savannah had a seizure last week; first thing in the morning, got out of the crate, had some water (which she does every morning), walked into our stateroom as we were dressing for the day, and collapsed. Russ held her throughout the event. I took her to a vet a couple of days later (they had no availability being one of the few vets open, and she hasn't had another episode since). THAT was a bit of an experience too. You stand outside the building and call to let them know you're there, they come out to check you in, then they come out to explain what they want to do for the dog (in our case some bloodwork) and discuss possible outcomes. This was the only time I saw the vet. They took the dog, brought her back, took my credit card... all outside. Did I mention it was raining that day? Upshot: blood work is dandy so watch how she does. It could mean a brain problem (which we wouldn't fix at this age anyway), could be she'll have them from time to time. So we wait.

Meanwhile we've been doing a variety of things to occupy the time.

Russ polished the corian countertop on the island. Sorely needed it.

Awesome sunrises continue.

BIG pink moon

The next morning, still pink... and a bit ominous in the clouds.

Dogs lives haven't changed a bit.

Cool clouds one morning. Kinda like an egg carton.

I got these made. Yay for inQuest!

My friend Jennifer got us this puzzle. It's wood.
And the pieces are little cat and dogs...

And completed, it looked like this! Dawwwww!

Me and Savannah waiting for the vet. Outside.
Just before the rain started.

But start it did! Soggy walk back to the boat.

One of my project, making burgee and flag covers.
They came out good!

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