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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Still a-workin'

Amazing sunrises.
We extended our stay until May 20. We wanted to stay a week longer but our slip is really wide, and apparently they don't have a lot of them at the marina. Meanwhile a really big catamaran made reservations a long time ago and, well, we gotta move. Probably for the best. We'd like to get underway. 

It's not that we're bored. I've been sewing this and thats, Russ has installed davits and fire suppression systems and getting dinghy to a service yard and reapplying vinyl stickers. Actually, Russ works a lot harder than me.

Russ also has done an amazing job polishing the boat. From our experience last year we know the waters on the ICW can be high in tanic, and the result is a tea-like color in the water. It leaves a stain on the boat, right on the bow. Folks call it a mustache. Some wear it like a badge, but we'd like not to have it again. Russ has applied 3 coats of polish to the hull. 

Russ taking the dinghy to Lamb, which is a working
marina. The engine needs serviced.
Again all this would be prudent if we were traveling. At the moment we still don't know what we can do. We want to go to the Chesapeake Bay. But if the country goes into another round of lockdown, we're not sure where that would leave us. Doesn't sound like fun going to Washington DC if we can't walk the gardens or tour museums. Hopefully we'll know more by mid-May (like are people getting sick again). We'll decide what to do then.

In more positive news, Cat-n-Dogs got sold this week. They say the happiest days of a boater's life is the day they buy the boat and the day they sell it. Frankly, we're bummed. I just loved that boat. I hope it brings the new owners as much adventure and pleasure as it brought us.

A cover I made for a big umbrella we have. It matches the burgee covers.

We put a name on the boat back in January. Already it rubbed off from the
kayaks (which we'll rearrange now). So we took off the old one and
put on a new one. Also, we gave her a slogan. It's above the kayaks (you
may have to zoom in to read it).
We got a small davit for easier loading and unloading of bikes
and kayaks. But the roof on the back had to come down for installation.
But here it is! Works really well, too.
And the roof is back as well.
The dogs, however, are unamused.


  1. Beautiful sunrise picture and I like the quote :) However I'm curious about the "huge bug" in the picture of Russ with the dinghy - is it a bug, or something in the water behind him? It looks like one of those death hornets they are talking about!

  2. I didn't even see that! No, it's just some flotsam in the water but it *does* look like one of those death hornets. LOL!