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Friday, May 15, 2020

...and *still* a-workin'

We've done so many tasks that I can hardly think of them all. 

Russ installed a new swivel on our anchor. That's a tough piece of metal that (as the name indicates) swivels, making it easier to orient the anchor when hoisting it. 

Poor John wasn't back a few hours when Russ
conscripted him into work!
Also, speaking of anchors, he installed a raw-water wash. When the anchor is lifted out of the water odds are it will bring a bunch of sand or mud or seaweed out with it. There's a bow hose up front just for this, so you can wash that off as it's coming up. But we didn't want to use the fresh water tanks to do it. So we had a through-hole put it way back when we were at LaBelle, and this week he gathered all the parts and pieces needed to get the pump running. As a result the water we wash with is the water outside the boat. So... yay! Because there were times the bow was just a mess.

Things in Florida have started to open. We have going out to eat a couple of times (remember food? good times!), but maybe once a week. 

The Fam
Also, given the social distancing we celebrated a couple of holidays with Zoom family gatherings. My dad's birthday was the first, then Mother's Day a week later.

Inside the boat Russ changed our kitchen sink's faucet and put it a real reverse-osmosis sytems. I'm very excited about that.

Russ also does my nails. Just sayin'. 

This came in the mail. We're official Gold Loopers.
Meanwhile, I manage the dogs. I took Lizzie to the vet for her annual checkup. She's dandy, by the way. I also manage the house, and got us a couple of new throw rugs for the sky lounge and saloon. 

We are leaving here next week. For sure. But even as I type we still aren't sure where we're going to go. We aren't convinced that this pandemic is over, so it won't be fun to be a tourist this year. We loved restaurants and breweries, as well as museums and farmers' markets, none of which will be the same or at all.

Go-day is in 5 days. Maybe we'll have a plan by then.
Working on the reverse osmosis

Gorgeous sunrise
Russ doing my nails. The part where he puts on the acrylic is done outside.
Russ can't stand the smell of the liquid activator.
While eating out we had a mama duck show her kiddles
how to panhandle from the restaurant guests.

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