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Saturday, May 30, 2020

On the hook at Cumberland

Ruins of Dungeness
Cumberland Island is largely a National Park. Since it's closed due to the pandemic, it's an ideal place to anchor out and take a walk. Which we did. We practically had the place to ourselves!

In the late 1800s island was purchased, piece by piece by the Thomas Carnegie family. They built a summer home here called Dungeness, which was named after the boat, Dungeness, owned by Judy, wife of Thomas. The place was in use until 1925, when it was abandoned. Then the place burned in the 50s. All that remains are the ruins.

Well, not all. When the family left they released their horses. So, in addition to the deer and raccoon and other critters you'll see on the place, it has wild horses.

Besides exploring the island we've been hanging out, enjoying the breeze and watching the dolphins.

Walking path through the island...

...that leads to the "main road"...

...that leads to Dungeness. All very lovely! Lots of oaks trees
ladened with Spanish Moss.

Wild horses keep the grounds "mowed"

Daaaaaw, a little baby horsie!

Great walk, great views, with lots to explore.

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