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Sunday, May 24, 2020

FINALLY! Out and about

We started at the top and worked our
way down to Mandarin. Where Russ is.
We're not officially underway but we decided to take a small "shake down" cruise, just a couple of hours. We wanted to make sure the new batteries work, the various other systems we tweaked still work, but mostly to remind ourselves what boating is all about. We'd been in a marina for 2 months. Easy to get sedentary.

This was the idea of the crew from About Time. They just had some systems repaired and want to make sure they were good to go. Originally the plan was get to this creek, anchor for the afternoon, then head back. Now both of us are thinking we'll stay overnight and head back in the morning.

We still haven't made up our minds about the summer. On the one hand heading back to Longboat Key sounds like a decent idea given Cat-n-Dogs is gone. On the other, we just had a couple of 90+ degree days, and heading north, even if we couldn't cruise like we'd like to, would be cooler. There are boats named Chasin' 80 for a reason, and it ain't about age.

inQuest on the left, About Time on the right
As You Wish is also getting some repairs done. They should splash on Tuesday. Barring bad weather the current plan is leave Jacksonville Wednesday with them and make our way to their home port in Charleston. Once they get gold they'll stop traveling (they plan to sell the boat, sell their house, get a better, bigger boat, and do what we're doing) so we'll make up our minds once and for all at that time.

Really. We'll know what we're doing then. Almost certainly. I think.

Following About Time at around 8 knots.
Actually it's About Tim.

Took up the dinghy for the journey. It had been in the water
for several weeks for the occasional ride out and about. The bottom
is covered in seaweed and barnacles!

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