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Friday, May 29, 2020

Cumberland Island, GA


We hoped to stay one more night at Fernandina. We didn't "officially" ask them last night, seeing the long empty dock ahead of us. But it's the weekend, and we got the boot.

We took a small cruise northward, leaving the state of Florida, to anchor off the Cumberland Island. Depending on weather we'll stay here for a couple of days.

The further north you go the more tidal swings become an issue. The tides swung 6 feet in Fernandina. They swing as much as 12 feet in the Carolinas. That makes for exciting docking if you get somewhere mid-tide, let me tell you!

Russ took us out from the dock today while I did the lines. The current was a little strong but not too much a problem. The anchorage is pretty wide, so getting a spot here was also no problem. But it offers little protection from winds. Might be a bumpy night.

The total trip time was just over an hour. If we wanted to we could go back Sunday. We'll see how things go (big winds coming Monday). We're already looking at a couple of protected anchorages up the way.
Low tide. Note the mud on left, and the slant of the gang
way in the distance.

High tide. No mud. Flat gang way.

That huge, blue ship is Belle Vita. Turns out it's a charter,
and can be yours for a week for the mere price of $1.25M!!!
There's a footnote that is may cost 25-40% more due to fuel and food.

You cross an inlet from the Atlantic to get to Cumberland.
This is a channel marker, so large commercial vessels
know how to approach the channel.

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