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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Waterford to Houghlating Island, anchor

After we filled our water tanks and cleaned some windows (seriously dirty!) we headed off the Waterford wall around 9 am. Within the hour we were at Troy Lock, which was the very last lock of the season (and might be for a loooooooong while). We lost count of the locks long ago, but the number is close to 100 (whew!). Once through we rode the out-going tide southward. Back in tidal territory, from here on out.

Weather looking forward is just abysmal for crossing the Atlantic to Delaware. So we're going to drag our heals, taking short days, and staying in little towns along the Hudson until something changes. Or we reach New York. So we're not done yet!

Just on the other side of Houghlating Island is Donovan's Shady Harbor, which we stayed at coming up. But there are only so many "little beers" we can handle, so we're tucking up here for the night.

Rainy day on the Waterford wall.

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