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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Herkimer to Little Falls, wall (w/power)

While this was an extremely short day of 7 miles we had a couple of exciting things happen.

Another vessel joined us in Herkimer on the wall. The sailboat, True North, had 2 large dogs. While chatting with them about timing our trip to the next lock, one of the dogs saw the opportunity to "escape", leaping over their rail and taking off. And of course, what one dogs does the other must do. The owners gave chase while Russ and I tried to catch them as they looped the building. Having owned dogs we know how upsetting things like that can be, especially in an unknown neighborhood with cars zipping around. Needless to say the woman was really frazzled.

That little mist eventually became a soup
Both vessels eventually got underway. A decent fog blanketed the morning. Most of it was patchy but a few parts were really dense. We haven't had to deal with any fog since St. Augustine, so it had been a while. We donned our fog glasses, turned on the radar, had the fog horn blaring, and proceeded quite slowly. We couldn't see the lock until we were 1000 feet from it (and that's why we use Navionics!). By the time we locked through, the mist lifted, and it was clear boating to Little Falls.

Tormented skies in Little Falls
We'll be here for a couple of nights. The starboard engine with it's soldered patch seems to no longer leak, so yay! But the port engine is running just a little warmer than normal... and that guage is still bothersome.

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