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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Hudson to Catskill, no Saugerties... no Kingston! marina

The trip to Catskill was only 35 minutes or so. Therefore, we killed some time by dropping the dinghy and going back to Hudson for croissants at The Perche. Russ had read they were the best in the entire state of New York, which we had to check out for ourselves. Admittedly they were excellent, and worth going back for. We'd have to compare them side by side with the ones near 115 Brooklyn, though, to know if they are truly the best in the state. Maybe next time.

We got underway just past 11 am. Looking at maps and ratings of anchorages in the Catskill inlet people complained of not getting a good set. So we thought we'd anchor across the Hudson and dinghy over come dinner. Neither of the two anchorages there struck us as "good" -- one was filled with lily pads, and the other was exposed to the channel (not really near it, but we like islands between us and the big ships if possible).

Saugerties was only an hour away, so we headed there. We have good memories of the anchorage when we came up in June, and a particular restaurant we wanted to go back to. But we explored all three anchorages and weren't overjoyed. Shoaling took a good part of one, the other we recall didn't have good holding, and the last (the one we'd been in before) was really narrow and deep. This is a problem, since the depths means you want to put out a lot of rode, but that means you can swing wide... and a narrow channel makes that unnerving. We needed to put out a stern anchor, but I was feeling cranky about that option. (Back in June we solved this with a handy anchor maneuver we did with Highwind, where we each drop an anchor then back up until we're side by side and raft. So no swinging... it's so awesome!).

Lovely day and great skyline. The trees are 
slightly yellow, turning for fall.
So, onto Kingston! We (I) decided that given these narrow channels we should just book a marina. There's a boat museum in Kingston that had a dock. Russ booked that. If we're going to pay for dockage we'd rather it be to a working museum.

We might be here for 2 nights. We're keeping a hard eye on the weather, which is looking nasty come Saturday.

Ate at The Tortilla, a mexican restaurant
in the down town of Kingston.

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